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Disc Drake

Disc brakes - the brake system is an element of the car, brake pads are pressed against the disk, rigidly secured to the wheel. Disc brake is perfectly combined with electronic control systems.

The design of disc brakes, a wheel rigidly fixed to the metal disc mounted on it from both sides of the brake pads. In the process of braking force to the pads are pressed against the disk, which slows the rotation of the wheel and subsequently to a full stop it. After the termination of braking pads are pushed against the brake disc, the wheel can rotate freely again.
On the inner side of disc brake pads, equipped with special replacement brake pads that need to be changed in a timely manner to avoid damage and failure of the brake disc.
To reduce the risk of overheating, disc brakes and, consequently, increase the efficiency of inhibition, often in the brake discs have special vents. These vented brake call. Ventilated disc brakes are equipped with special blades, located between both sides of the disk, and blows air through it, providing a cooling of the brake mechanism.
Disc brakes have proven to be the most reliable and stable working, so they are widely used in modern automobiles.
Rear disc brakes have several advantages compared with the drum brakes, such as higher efficiency, the ability to self-clean. Disc brakes are much more easily adapted to any driver. They provide a smooth and effective braking, and when heated to high temperatures retain their properties.

Disc brakes application:
Disc brakes are used primarily in motor vehicles, tanks, but also in machinery and equipment, and aircraft, bicycles, carriages and railway.
The disc brakes have been widely used in cars and trucks, especially in the premium sedan. The disc brakes on the new mine hoist brake. The disc brake inertia is small, fast action, high sensitivity, and adjustable braking torque. The multi-rope friction hoist all use disc brakes.

What are the advantages of disc brakes? In view of the fact that these brakes air can circulate freely between the disk and the brake shoe, disc brakes are cooled much better, especially since it is possible to do so ventilated discs extra holes. The gases resulting from friction, dust, dirt, do not stay on the working surfaces. These brakes are not sticky.

Advantages of disc brakes:

  1. A greater coefficient of friction between the abrasive and the steel disc in comparison with friction pads on aluminum rims;
  2. Independence from the weather and road conditions;
  3. Do not get clogged with mud and snow;
  4. Longer life abrasive pads and discs;
  5. Greater braking power;
  6. Steel disks unlike the aluminum rims are not afraid of a strong warm-up during braking ;
  7. High accuracy of dosing braking;

Disadvantages of disc brakes:

  1. The price high;
  2. Increased demands on the torsional rigidity of suspension fork (do not recommend the use of any fork with disc brake);
  3. The complexity of installation, especially for hydraulic systems;
  4. Limited maintainability in field conditions;
  5. High load-spoke wheel set (in order to reduce the diameter of the flanges on the hubs to increase);
  6. Complexity of the replacement of abrasive pads.

What are the main advantages of disc brakes in front and drum brakes in rear?

  1. Reducing the braking distance.
  2. The uniformity of braking effort.
  3. Reducing the response time of braking mechanisms.
  4. Improved heat dissipation (important when the active driving at higher speeds and on mountain roads).
  5. Reliability.
  6. Ease of maintenance and replacement pads.

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