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What is disc brake?

What is disc brake?The vast majority of modern cars are fitted exactly the disc brakes on the front wheels. Though, there are those in which the disc brakes are installed on all wheels at once.
Disc brake is part of the vehicle braking system, which practically provides assistance when the vehicle stops. The most common type of disc brake can be called a single-piston floating caliper.

The main components of the brake of this type are:
- The rotor is attached to the hub of the car.
- Brake calipers with pistons.
- Brake Pads.
It should also be noted that disc brakes are very similar car with the brakes on a bicycle, which also has a support carrying out the pressing of the pad directly to the wheel. However, in this case, the brake pads are pressed not to the wheel and the rotor brake, in addition, in the automotive brake system all impacts occur on the basis of hydraulics, rather than through cable. The process of the friction disc brake pads, and leads to the fact that the car starts to slow down.
It is worth noting that the car is in motion has a certain amount of acting on his kinetic energy, so that the brakes needed to extinguish it, the car, in fact, stopped. How does this happen? Every time you stop your car, the brakes start to convert the kinetic energy of motion into heat energy which is released by friction brake pads and shoes. Of course, that in this case they are heated, and, quite strongly. So, the majority of automotive brake discs ventilated decided to do.
Ventilated brake equipped with extra blades, which are located on both sides of the rotor, the blades are driven by the rotor air.
There is also a single disc brakes with floating clamps, which are self-regulating and self-aligning. These calipers have the ability to glide in two directions, same way, moving toward the center as soon as the brake is activated.

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